About Me

About Me


I started this blog when i was involved with Youth Work, NCS and the RNLI, The blog was mainly about the work that i was doing and how i was conducting my life around what i did.

But now a few years on my blog has grown into something unexpected, not only am i now blogging about day-to-day life and work but ive started giving help and advice based on real life experience and observations. Having a blog has actually changed the way i conduct my life in general.

Aims And Future Prospects

I’ve recently started a new job with S + H Technical Support and left Leonard Cheshire Disability as a Devon Enabler, I was offered this job back at the end of my PGL Apprenticeship which i enrolled onto between January and September. I don’t see myself returning to PGL but it has helped me make my mind up as to what i want to do in the future. I Enjoy outdoor activities but what i really want to do is instruct disabled people.

My Tech

Out and About i use my iPhone 6 (soon to be iPhone 7) everywhere, If I’m going to be out of my house for more than about 2 days in a row then i tend to bring my iPad with me as i can stay in full contact with everyone across my Social Media accounts as well as checking and replying to emails. I use a Macbook Pro for everything i could possibly need to use.