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So very busy

Hi all, Sorry for all the silence. A lot of things have changed in the last few months, more doors open and a new car. Much more training provided by the company I work for. And most exciting part. Our new website for the event co ordinaries has launched. Please go check it out...

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Another productive and busy week

Hey all, Just a quick insight to my week. I've been working a lot this week and haven't had much time to post on here, but this week i will be posting onto my Instagram account which will reach Twitter, Facebook and Flickr aswell as Tumblr. I have been working up at a local hol...

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Portfolio Pages

I am now offering a new service designed for any and everyone,, i am working on a design for the main website but if you would like to check my portfolio out click here i havent worked out a pricing plan yet either but all of this will come in due course. keep...

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Its Just a Friday and Stuff

Hey Peeps, How you all doing? I'm doing pretty well thanks for asking. So whats everyone up to on this fine day leading into the weekend? I'm so busy its unbelievable I had an unannounced arrival of my niece, So proud of my brother and now a proud father. what he has achieved, p...

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I’ve Moved

Samsblog has moved from its old server to a Cloud Network along with the other websites DevonWebs had hosted. This will increase the reliability but 1000{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} and will lower the response time by alot aswell, this is all...

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