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2 Weeks passed, Another Update

Hi All, I keep meaning to try for weekly updates on my movements but i've been so busy since the last time i wrote that i just haven't had time. I've been fixing up some computers and now have a newer MacBook Pro which will help me increase my productivity. Another blog to com...

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Holidays and Breaks away after a successful eventing

Hi all, I'm writing this from my holiday cottage in Scotland. Me and my family travelled up here over a few days stopping in Liverpool and Edinburgh on the way here to do some sight seeing and splitting the journey up at the same time. It's been great to have a break away as I'd...

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Event and Busy Busy Busy

Hi all, Its been a real busy time for everyone at the moment, end of tax year. start of a new era events in the pipework only 4 weeks now getting G'd up and excited. I've been working solidly on my tax returns, client billing and event coordinating. I would like to invite anyone...

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My Home Network

This has been a long time coming, Last year i invested a lot of time and some money improving my home network ready for Fibre. At the centre of my network is a BT HomeHub 4 (Subject to Change) i don't really like this router i cant wait to get the Hub5 when i get fibre in hopefu...

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So very busy

Hi all, Sorry for all the silence. A lot of things have changed in the last few months, more doors open and a new car. Much more training provided by the company I work for. And most exciting part. Our new website for the event co ordinaries has launched. Please go check it out...

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Update, Future, Blogging

Hey all, feels like I've neglected this blog for a while. I've been real busy the last few months. I've still managed to update the theme as I do every year and I've also changed the theme on DevonWebs. Please go check it out I'm currently working on the portfolio which will be r...

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