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2 Weeks passed, Another Update

Hi All, I keep meaning to try for weekly updates on my movements but i've been so busy since the last time i wrote that i just haven't had time. I've been fixing up some computers and now have a newer MacBook Pro which will help me increase my productivity. Another blog to com...

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Event and Busy Busy Busy

Hi all, Its been a real busy time for everyone at the moment, end of tax year. start of a new era events in the pipework only 4 weeks now getting G'd up and excited. I've been working solidly on my tax returns, client billing and event coordinating. I would like to invite anyone...

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Update, Future, Blogging

Hey all, feels like I've neglected this blog for a while. I've been real busy the last few months. I've still managed to update the theme as I do every year and I've also changed the theme on DevonWebs. Please go check it out I'm currently working on the portfolio which will be r...

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3..2..1.. Launch

Here you go guys, It is my pleasure to present to you the The Battle of the Somme Project 2016, Please go and have a look here it really has been an honor to be involved with this project, keep checking back for new announcements as there will be many to come. This website is to...

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Five climbers feared dead on Nepal mountain

Diptendu Dutta/AFP/File Kangchenjunga mountain with Darjeeling, India in the foreground on December 22, 2012. Five climbers, including the first Hungarian to scale Mount Everest, are missing and feared dead on Nepal's treacherous Kangchenjunga mountain, tourism officials ...

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