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Tag : 2013

December Update

Busy busy busy, Work has been nice and busy leading up to Christmas. Its coming around quickly now, good news is that ive now finished all of my Christmas shopping  and i'm ready for it. Since my last blog my tie has been very limited with the Team Leading course and work that i...

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PGL Update

Hey all, quick update really. Internet is extremely rubbish here so staying online has been difficult, I've had snow for 5/6 days so have been stuck in as the weather was just to bad to be paddling, my course has been extended because of the weather but all is going well, I've pa...

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PGL My new adventure

Tomorrow marks a new venture for me, I'll be off to Wales for my BCU Level 1 Coaching Qualification and 2 Star Kayaking Award. I'm going off with PGL for a season and with be doing all the outdoor activities like climbing to orienteering and cycling to archery. I had the offer on...

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Happy New Year

Hey All, Wishing you all a Happy new year. Anyone got an resolutions? Mine are the same every year, just to make sure I stay fit and healthy and to be as-best I can in the job I am working in, Leave you resolutions below. Peace out :) ...

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Christmas Update

Are you all ready for Christmas? I am now, everything's brought I just need a wrap a few last bits and pieces, a majority of my shopping came from the internet. It's much easier and hassle free, Hope everyone has a good Christmas don't know I how much content ill push out next...

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