About Me

About Me

A little over 9 years ago, I registered DevonWebs domain name and didn’t use it, I created a website for it and purchased my first hosting package. For the past 4 years, DevonWebs has developed a range of products specifically for the small and medium business’s.

Throughout the years, i have worked on a huge number of design and development projects which has given me the first hand experience i needed to know what makes a perfect hosting platform. I have tried them all and with that knowledge behind me, built my own incredibly fast, reliable platform dedicated to resellers.

I fully manage and maintain my own servers in-house so i can ensure things are running perfectly at all times. Do i use Reseller? Absolutely not. All of my servers are provisioned through our IaaS partner on a private cloud infrastructure with completely dedicated resources allowing me to focus on product, performance and the things that matter most, my resellers / customers.

What About The Blog

My Blog which i’ve had for a little longer than DevonWebs domain was used to blog my life and observations. Looking back now i wish i was able to contribute more to it but as my work flow increased and life changed/developed i ran out of time to maintain it. I’ll try my best to keep things up to date. But mainly this is now my portfolio.

My Tech

Out and About i use my iPhone 7 (soon to be iPhone X) everywhere, If I’m going to be out of my house for more than about 2 days in a row then i tend to bring my iPad with me as i can stay in full contact with everyone across my Social Media accounts as well as checking and replying to emails. I use a MacBook Air 2017 for everything i could possibly need to use.