Apple iOS 6 Maps Game Centre VIPs

FOLLOWING THE LAUNCH of the Iphone 5, Apple has been quick to announce that it will start rolling out IOS 6 to older Iphones on 19 September.

Impressively, IOS 6 is compatible with the Iphone 3GS, Iphone 4 and Iphone 4S handsets, as well as the second and third generationApple Ipads.

Apple announced IOS 6 at WWDC back in June, and it brings over 200 new features to Apple devices. The key addition is Apple’s new homemade mapping application, which comes complete with mapping data from Tomtom, turn-by-turn navigation and fancy 3D building views.

Another huge improvement is Siri, which now also supports the latest Apple Ipad. Apple’s digital voice assistant now comes with UKlocation data for recommending bars and other nearby haunts, movie and sports data and the ability to interact with open applications.

Other added software tweaks include support for Facetime over 3G, Passbook, Facebook integration, Icloud Tabs in Safari and improvements to Apple’s Imessage service.

IOS 6 will be available to download for free from 19 September, although it’s still unclear which features will support Apple’s older Idevices.