I’ve been using this BT Hub for about 2 weeks now and ive had no complaints what so ever with its 300MHz processor and its massive 64MB of Ram its massive overkill for something like this. I Had to unlock mine with PSiDoc so that I could use it with my ISP. even with the phone everything works just fine, by far this is the best router ive used for a while. It also has a very good Wireless coverage supplied by the B,G,N Compatibility the only thing I didn’t understand is that i cannot seem to activate the 40Mhz Band so im limited to 150Mbps internal connection. So far every device ive thrown at it works just fine and ive not had a single problem with it at all, I currently have 23 devices connected to the hub not including the phones and ive not seen any type of performance drop. If you can get hold of one I would highly recommend it, I managed to get hold of a second one but it had a slightly different Firmware so I couldn’t  unlock it because the exploit had been patched up.