Whether your in School, College, Higher Education or even out of education. Everyone everywhere witnesses or experiences some form of bullying, Verbal or Physical when I was going through college I had a few run in’s but generally I kept myself to my self as I describe myself as abit of a bookworm back in the days of college. Bullying isn’t smart or clever but i suppose for the person that is handing out the punishment or abuse for a split second they feel bigger and better than you. Sometimes it can be traumatic to ever watch something like that go on. In an american school Jessii a girl that was doing a school video project made a 100{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} fictional character called Hailey Bennett, The Story line was all about bullying, not having friends and how difficult her life already was without other people interfering. Some parents saw this video and thought it was real. when they approached the school they suspended her for showing scenes of violence, bullying verbal and physical abuse. Jessii is 12 and was simply doing a school video project. In a statement Jessii Barba said “I started hysterically crying, I couldn’t believe I was getting in trouble for something that I worked so hard on. The only intent of it was good. They’d been teaching us since I was in kindergarten (Pre-School) to treat people as they’d treat you and not bully.” In the end the school lifted and wiped the suspension from her record and she was able to return to school. Why was Jessii punished for such a great message that was FICTIONAL!!

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