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Where have i been for a year?

Hi All, I use to blog here all the time but for the last year my company has tripled is revenue, and as a result i have tripled my work flow mean this got put on the back burner. throughout 2017 and early 2018 i have expanded into supplying a lot more products and upgrading inte...

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2 Weeks passed, Another Update

Hi All, I keep meaning to try for weekly updates on my movements but i've been so busy since the last time i wrote that i just haven't had time. I've been fixing up some computers and now have a newer MacBook Pro which will help me increase my productivity. Another blog to com...

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Event and Busy Busy Busy

Hi all, Its been a real busy time for everyone at the moment, end of tax year. start of a new era events in the pipework only 4 weeks now getting G'd up and excited. I've been working solidly on my tax returns, client billing and event coordinating. I would like to invite anyone...

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Update, Future, Blogging

Hey all, feels like I've neglected this blog for a while. I've been real busy the last few months. I've still managed to update the theme as I do every year and I've also changed the theme on DevonWebs. Please go check it out I'm currently working on the portfolio which will be r...

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Lots of things

Hey Guys, Been crazy busy right now, as you can probably guess i got the job of Coordinator. I have also been developing and just starting using a new system for my invoicing powered by WHMCS. This will also automate my hosting packages in the future. I've been very busy this we...

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Live life to the fullest

Hey All, sorry for the big gaps between blogs I've been very busy with life so not had the time to be on here. Working with a local holiday company to get marketing products online. Lots of exciting stuff coming soon guys watch this space. Here's a picture of the latest project ...

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