What can you do on a pc with both your hands? update facebook, tweet or write a blog. how technically minded are you? how would you rate yourself in terms of ability to utilise a computer? Christopher Hills severe cerebral palsey and has no control of his hands. but with a small device on his head rest he can edit video’s, design websites, he is also taking an online computer course though an online university portal.

How much does it cost you to get out of bed on a day to day basis? for Chris he has to use a hoist $£$£$£, To open the door for a visitor $£$£$£, To go for a drive in the car, he has to use a specially adapted ramp so he can sit in his wheelchair $£$£$£, For chris to go for a walk he has to use a stroller that securely holds his body in place to allow him to use his legs to push him along $£$£$£, I think you get the idea. The things we take for granted Chris has to pay for.

This kid is a true inspiration he will not stop at anything whether its designing a website going for a walk or creating another video for his Intersection series (see below) have you heard of Chris what are your thoughts? Leave your comments below Show your support