What are you doing on April 20th 2012? Do you have a T-Shirt? or a Resource Kit? if you didn’t buy one in time or tried to get one but couldn’t Click Here to get your digital resource pack.

April 20th is our chance to show people who we are and to put our protests into action, deliver the message that we do care and that we want change, Kony should be arrested and if we drum it into every street corner and shop window where possible, Everyone will get the message.

What To Do?

1. Wear Your T-Shirt (Whether you have a Kony 2012 T-Shirt or whether you have made your own) Get out and about with flyers or just knowledge  people will ask questions and Face to Face is the best way to answer them.

2. Mail Your Letters Send off letters to Your MP’s Leaders, Local Authorities and anyone else you think is relevant to the cause. If you need help writting your letters just browse the KONY 2012 Website and you will find more information there.

3. Serve The Community Do something for your community, A Car Wash, Beach Clean or go to your local council and ask if there is anything they feel is appropriate and get more people talking about KONY 2012, You dont have to do it all day just an hour or so. if you get  five more people talking about Joseph Kony, youve already done your part

4. Hit The Streets Suns down, streets are empty and quiet. Get out and put posters on lamp posts, do something inventive, but most importantly take a picture and tweet it using #KONY2012 #[YOURCOUNTRY] Get your work and others trending to make the biggest impact possible.

What are you doing on 20th of April 2012?