So on saturday me and two of my friends hit the road and decided to go down to exeter the drive was ok really, didn’t take us very long to get there. Once we actually got to Exeter the headache began, I’ve spoken to a few people about this and all I’ve had is people laughing but this is the first city I’ve been to on my own so wasn’t too sure, but granted finding a car park was relatively easy, finding a parking space wasn’t to hard either. We saw some pretty random things go on in Exeter. most of the shops there were really quite over priced but i went to get away from local life, a few outdoor shops dotted around city centre, as i walked past topshop topman we found some protesters ranting and raving about shutting down topshop and blah blah blah, i couldn’t be bothered to even ask lol, anyways one of the only other thing i thought was quite random was that their was a van randomly parked in the street, when i passed again about an hour later there were dancers and a who bunch of random people stood around dancing to music, like seriously my local area we wouldn’t ever get that. so we walked around for a few hours, decided to pick up a hot dog and whilst asking the guy a question he tells me he’s from Bideford, in devon how crazy is that the one person i talk to in exeter and he lives about 25 minutes away from me soo yeah random much. On the way home i tried to use my phone to get me out of Exeter, to start with i thought i knew where i was going… i was wrong i think i say the same building about 4 times and once i got past that hiccup i followed a country road that turned out to be the completely different route but hay it took me home and was alot more fuel efficient, its time for me to wrap this up now im fairly tired been quite busy today so hopefully ill be back soon with another blog for you, Laters All