How many of you have had the chance to visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios yet? I HAVE, Even if your not a Harry Potter fan I think a visit to these studios would be an amazing experience, As the amount of technical knowledge and preparation that went into the films over the 10 Year production is just amazing. Did you know that battered old ford anglia was built 17 and a half times to the exact specifications of the first one. Buckbeak the flying hypogriff was actually a robtic model with some CGI for the effects. Hagrids head was a moving technical piece of equipment that was worn to add to his real height. Even the werewolf that professor lupin transforms into is a suite specially adapted to more like a werewolf. If you are a huge harry potter fan you would have a field day in this place 10 years worth of props, costumes and creatures created for the films. With interactive screens and presentations throughout the studio to give you a real insight into the wizarding world and how it was all created and put together. For a additional fee ontop of your ticket you can get a digital guide packed with lots of extra information about the films characters and sets with a built in interactive map. Take a look at my video below to experience a small portion of what i experienced on the day.