When taking on Challenges, Life and Difficult situations it is very important that you try and stay level headed and maintain a positive mental attitude.

Positive mental attitude means to respond positively to every situation in life. It means “to strongly believe that everything in this world is good”. PMA means that happiness and unhappiness are defined by our assumptions and do not depend on what we are facing outside ourselves. It takes the form of sayings like “Our Attitude Decides Our Altitude.”

Over the weekend I drove for 5/6 hours up to Cumbria. on the way up i was driven on adrenaline and the thought of what lay ahead for me, once we arrived it dawned on me about how big the challenge really was. Skiddaw is 931 m (3,054 ft) above sea level and is the 4th highest peek in England, it took us just over four and a half hours to climb up it, and get back down. On the second day we climbed Scarfell Pike the Highest Peek in England measuring 978 metres (3,209 ft) when I began the walk i still had aches and pains from the day before. Not only that but due to having a late night i had only managed a few hours sleep, it took us about 5 hours to climb up to the summit and return back to the car park we started at. I then had a 7 hour journey by car all the way home.

I was absolutely shattered and still have no idea how i managed all the way home. But what i do know is one of the things that got me the whole way though was a Positive Mental Attitude. What ever challenge you may face in any situation it is important to stay positive. Even if you don’t think you will benefit from it. in order to complete a task well stay aware and keep positive thoughts in your head, Peace Out Y’All

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