Hi all, thought i’d come on here whilst i had the chance to tell you about what ive been doing for the last few weeks, I’ve recently returned from spain. I went on holiday with my Family and had such a good time with all the hot weather, when we got there we ended up walking for miles because we had no idea where we were going and ended up on a beach for the afternoon, on the second day i met two very lovly girls from germany and ended up spending a majority of the holiday on the beach with them. On Saturday i went on a tour of Barcelona which was absolutly amazing during the tour we saw many amazing sights including the great “Cathedral of Santa Eulalia” i would of loved to have a look inside this amazing monument but as we where on a tour we couldnt, it is said that to have a full look around this landmark it would take you two days. Barcelona has two halves, the old part which contains older buildings and less constructured trafficing systems, the Newer part was still very beautiful and was a work or art and pure genius. If there is in place in the world that has been as well thought out as barcelona i would love to see it. even down to the older smaller back streets everything about this place is truely amazing and breath taking. Anyways all im off to the land of nod, the next time i will blog will be at some point after Thursday the 15th of September as I have organised a charity even down at the RNLI Ilfracombe Station. Feel free to come on down and check it out there will be refreshments and lots of other activities availible for you all. I will also be posting the ammounts of money that we have raised this summer but as i have just got back from my holiday i havent got as far as that email yet ;). Peace out Y’all