Over the past 15-20 Years the English Cultural Language has been degraded, Due to the development of instant messaging programs has resulted in the use of a new ‘spin-off English’ and has quickly become the de facto means by which many young people communicate. The most common spinoff would have to be using short forms and it is common to see entire phrases abbreviated. This new language is often referred to as “Internet slang”. Examples include:

” lol = laugh out loud

” ur = you are, your, or you’re

” h2gtw – have to go to the washroom

” cmitm – call me in the morning

” btw = by the way

” b4n = bye for now

” l8er = see you later

The use of Internet slang has undeniably affected grammar, punctuation and spelling. Grammar is the foundation of the English language. Punctuation sets the tone and the overall meaning of a sentence – without tone, meaning can be easily misconstrued. There are often many mixed-messages in chatroom slang and e-mails! So what can be done to keep slang out of formal writing such as research papers and homework? Upon finding slang in homework and test, are deducting are more pints than they would for the usual grammar mistake. This makes the student more mindful of what they are writing and for whom. What do you think about the language of today’s generation?

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