I recently had a router malfunction and as a result i couldn’t get a talk-talk dlink router to work effectively, and after a little amount of research i actually ended up utilising some old hardware in the form of a Netgear DG834G Router. To start with it was running netgears own Firmware V4.01.40, which was ok but proved to be problematic and very glitchy with high transfer rates and alot of devices connected to it. So i found some custom firmware created and coded by DGTeam, Rev 0849. I didnt have to do alot to make it all work, all my settings where kept in order and all i had to do was upload the file to the bootrom, im using a OrangeBright Box as a Wireless AP which seems to be fine the custom firmware works extremely well, I’ve played with a few things now and all seems very robust and some many more features added to the software it seems like every runs alot better and faster now. Even my internet connection is more stable and kind of faster much better thoughput.