Apple enthusiast, if you are puzzled, as like those who are already liked Apple’s new iPod Touch but don’t know what to do, to wait for Apple’s next iPad mini, or get this hands on new iPod touch. Well, i think we have the best for you, studies after the break makes you choose, and take your decision according to your requirements.

The iPad Mini, which will be available on Tuesday, October 23rd, according to reports posted here. Many rumors said that Apple’s iPad mini will not include 3G or 4G and will stick with Wi-Fi only. While iPod Touch is thinner, less expensive, telephone-free version of the latest iPhone. This year, it inherits several features of the new iPhone 5, notably its taller 4″ Retina Display and Lightning connector. Moreover fromRedmondPie:

The iPod Touch has been treated to many of the upgrades seen with the latest iPhone, with the most obvious being the longer, four-inch Retina display. Its portability means it’s perfect for those constantly on-the-fly, and it can be squirrelled away into the pocket at any point. It now packs in the dual-core A5 (of iPhone 4S fame), which means it’s perfect for the casual gamer, and with a host of vibrant colors available, it’s got that added little bit of style and zest only usually seen with the iPod nano product range.

Despite its good points, the iPod touch does have its fair share of limitations, and it’s those which are, by and large, likely to sway users towards purchasing an iPad Mini instead. The display – despite reflecting that of the iPhone 5 – is vastly smaller than the 7.85-inches of the iPad Mini, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re looking to read books, watch lots of streaming content and browse the web on a frequent basis, then the iPad Mini would seem a more practical purchase, but if you’re looking to listen to lots of music, occasionally check email and play a bit of Angry Birds to pass some time, you’ll not go wrong with the iPod touch.

ipad mini

Unfortunately for the iPod touch, however, the display isn’t the only difference between the two, and the lack of a 3G option – despite constant rumor / request for it – will see many swayed towards the iPad Mini. To put things into perspective, however, the 8GB iPad Mini with 3G (not even 4G LTE, which will also be available), will set you back upward of $400 and the fifth-gen iPod touch starts from $299. Keep in mind that the pricing of the iPad Mini is solely based off rumors. So although the cellular option is most certainly there, the price renders it somewhat incomparable with the iPod touch, but it’s certainly something to consider if you’re deliberating over the two devices and like staying connected.

One of the biggest factors in weighing up the iPod touch and the iPad Mini is that, if you’ve just bought yourself an iPhone 5, there is absolutely no need to buy an iPod touch. Yes, the same could be said for those in ownership of an iPad 3, to a degree, but bearing in mind the third-gen iPad dropped in March – we’re approaching the time in which consumers tend to look for something new.