Which would you rather give up for a weekend — sex or your iPhone? 15{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} of respondents to one study said they would choose a romance-free weekend rather than go without their beloved device.

Its pretty scary, how much phones are now taking over social interactions, I mean did you know that 10{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} of people under 25 now think its perfectly acceptable to text while having sexual intercourse? A recent survey brought to light in the news that during most day to day tasks a large minority of the public think its acceptable to text.

We all know multi-tasking even in social situations is becoming more culturally commonplace, but are there limits? If there are, it looks like they aren’t in the bedroom: a whopping 76{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} of the public report checking Facebook or Twitter after getting into bed at night and/or before getting out of bed in the morning.

While not that many people actively engage in social media during sex, they do in bed. Retrevo found that almost half of social-media users check in via phone while lying in bed. About 48{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} of those polled said they check or update Facebook or Twitter after they’ve gotten into bed at night and/or before they get out of bed in the morning. That number jumps to 76{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} for the 25-and-younger set, with a whopping 19{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} of those millennials saying they also check in whenever they wake up during the night.

Think twice before you reach for a friend’s iPhone – you don’t know where it’s been. Nearly 85{90478bf5c38732ba222a13f27fd00bb7b7d85e2a81c22bee428de75521460493} of respondents report having used their iPhone while in the bathroom.

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