Hey Peeps,

How you all doing? I’m doing pretty well thanks for asking. So whats everyone up to on this fine day leading into the weekend? I’m so busy its unbelievable I had an unannounced arrival of my niece, So proud of my brother and now a proud father. what he has achieved, pressures on to be a good uncle to Carly born today (14/02/14 18:00 ish)  I’ve been putting a portfolio together to showcase my work and current projects, I’m going to try to launch it tonight or tomorrow morning. I also have been finishing the website for the project which is all set to go live tomorrow. I now have finished the design of the george hotel I have a header image to create which will go up on Monday as I’m waiting for a few pictures. So my plans for next week are as follows I have four days of Enabling with Leonard Cheshire, Next week I have 2 light fitting jobs one in The George and one up at a local holiday park. Because the holiday park is on large-scale I also need to program the  lighting. I also need to sign of a website and finish the graphics for a local shop. It’s all go for me but I enjoy being busy. Laters all



Just gonna leave this here 🙂