Today Part 2 of the KONY 2012 Series came out, People are paying attention Invisible Children have got the message across and have now been backed by bigger outside firms to support the cause. This time last month no one knew who or what Joseph Kony and his men represented or what they where doing. Well now everyone knows Invisible Children have been inundated with support from all over the globe. Every living soul on the planet has rights to be defended against the worst crimes, First protected by thier countries and continents, and then protected globally by the united nation.

In my last post about KONY 2012 I expressed my opinion about my support for the campaign over the past month I’ve been reading a lot more into the reasoning of KONY 2012. And the continued support of millions. What will you be doing on April the 20th? And have you got yourself a KONY support pack yet? Mine will be on order when they are available again.

Joseph Kony and his men are still holding hundreds of men women and children captive. The LRA is a Highly mobile highly trained rebel group with no achievable political goal. Together we can show the people who suffer from the LRA and Kony a life of peace and tranquillity. We will not dismiss the problems of our friends simply because they are not our own, we dont live like this anymore. because stopping injustice in the word is far more difficult than stopping Kony. Our liberty is bound together across the world and this is where we make a stand.