Since Cover the Night, The KONY 2012 support has gone though the roof, for people that didnt know about Invisible Children’s Mission to bring Joseph Kony to Justice they now stand educated by all the supporters and activists that are backing this huge campaign.

The Government are now listening and taking action. President Obama announced that he would extend the deployment of 100 advisory troops to the LRA-affected regions of Central Africa. He was speaking at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum this morning when he made the announcement.

It was just over six months ago that President Obama originally announced his decision to deploy 100 advisory troops to the region on a time-limited mission. These special forces advise regional militaries and aide in logistics and intelligence. These are not combat troops–though they are combat ready should they need to defend themselves. The extension of their deployment and President Obama’s public commitment to seeing an end to LRA violence is very encouraging.

“Remembrance without resolve is a hollow gesture. Awareness without action changes nothing…We are haunted by the atrocities we did not stop.”

Flux Pavilion “I Can’t Stop” was the perfect song at the end of KONY 2012. It was empowering, huge and full of energy. Flux Pavilion, a powerful force in the EDM community, just released another masterpiece that makes you feel like you’re dancing in slow-motion on a cloud. I guess it’s appropriately titled DAYDREAMER.

Flux and his producer Denis also had some amazing things to say about you all as the Invisible Children movement. Thanks for making this movement global and keeping it positive.

Actions speak louder than words…. BRING PEACE TO UGANDA