Hey All, so this week I’ve not been very active on here, As I’ve been busy with work and training. You may or may not know I started a new job this week which involves working with disabled individuals in the wider community. this could mean helping them do day to day tasks. My official job title is Community Enabler which could mean quite literally anything that enables someone to do something moderately different. I still to this day ask myself how i got to where i am today and the closest answer i could come to that makes sense is Choice. Throughout life you will always have choice, without it where would we be? Choices build pathways and connections that will intern either get you what you are working towards or help you gain a little more experience in the area of work you wish to pursue as a career. One of the things that helped me get to my community enabling role, was the one of my references which i gained back in 2010  when i came out of a four year voluntary placement at Calvert Trust. It was my experience at Calvert Trust that helped me decide how i wanted to structure my life. On Wednesday i had to turn down a position for PGL which is an outdoor pursuits company that owns a number of branches all over Europe, I made the right choice for now but what will next year bring. only time will tell…….

P.S. Choices…….