All life comes to an end, the expression life’s to short is extremely over used. make to most of life, take risks, but most importantly live your life to the fullest and the way you want to live it, Im in a bit of shock at the moment, never thought id experience a death like this, but there are deaths and births on an hourly basis all around the world. I’ve never had a close family member that I know of or was old enough to acknowledge the situation leave me or my other family members, but seeing the family of the person that had passed was just so upsetting, Im a very passionate person and I really felt for them all. I cant even begin to imagine the feelings and emotions that the family of the person is experiencing right now. It was a horrible experience for all of us, emotionally and physically I just cant get to grips that this person’s life was ended so quickly. Being in a car crash, being shot or stabbed is something completely different  but to die of “natural causes” is so disheartening. Have you experienced anything like this before?