Low self-esteem is associated with many mental health problems. They can feed off each other in a vicious circle; the more depressed or anxious you become the lower your opinion of yourself and your abilities, the more you avoid activities that could help to build-up esteem and address depression or anxiety. Even if you don’t have a mental health diagnosis, you will recognise the impact that your view of yourself has on your mood and nerves.

Body Image

To have a negative or bad opinion of yourself isnt going to help with your self esteem, and i cant be one to judge i use to dislike my face during my teens as i had a bad spate of acne but everyday i managed to find something to take my mind away from it. i tried creams and a number of different ointments but never really got very far.

Well when I 1st wanted the operation was because I hated my foot, I was so ashamed of it. I avoided wearing anykind of shoe that would expose it. I hated if I was at someone else’s not wearing shoes because you could clearly see it, eventually I did overcome it but I still always had it covered when wearing shoes. I just thought people would call me a freak for having a bunion since I was about 5 so I was bit scared of what people would think but past year it was hurting and they gave me the operation and one more week and maybe I won’t be scared to wear sandals and flip-flops again

~ Anonymous


Well before my dad died I was a lovely just right weight girl but after he died I turned to food and comfort ate and ate. I use to think I was such a pretty girl and wasn’t shy one bit! But I put weight on and I was ashamed of myself, but never stopped being depressed so I carried on eating and eventually I was a bloody hippo in my likings! The more I looked in the mirror the more I ate because of the depression eventually my mum realised I was getting fat and stopped all junk food and made me walk our dog every day! I lost a bit but not enough. But now I’m at my average weight but I still hate my body. Getting pregnant made it worse and I hate it  trying to get the motive to lose weight again but I don’t  yea came out shell of not being shy but my muffin tops I hate, I can’t ever hide them no matter what I wear  tried losing them but so hard I just think I’ll always be ashamed of my body no matter what any future partners will say, I’ve started wearing tops for sex and in the dark

~ Anonymous


Thinking that your not as brainy or intelligent as someone else just because you didn’t finish that course or degree… Your don’t actually need the best education to get the best opportunities. Although i went to college and studied for two years when i had the opportunity to to do a third year but i decided to drop out. look at what im doing now… Click Here for more info

Try and do something that is positive once or twice a day, have a laugh go and chill out with your friends spend time with your family and the people that love you,  ultimately you want to work towards that goal, as achieving goals will help you feel better as a person. If you feel i have missed something here please don’t hesitate to comment, if you would like to keep it private Click Here to drop me a private email. Do you like these kinds of posts? i would like to know what you think