Im Back, Its been a long time since my last post and although i’m not going into details life just got a little tough and i got very busy. A million and one things came along at once. S&H Got really busy. Ive also done a lot of local contract work which has been great. My main job is also going really well at the moment.

So much positivity flowing around me at the moment, Lots of work which for me the more work and more active i am the more motivated i am in myself. I like to think that i can help anyone do anything they would like to do.

I’ve been giving my website a tweak and design overhaul lately. You will also notice over one things are changing VAT Registered and New Package names.

Inspirational Things,

During the past two weeks i really have been talking to or met some of the most inspirational people i know. One lady in a wheelchair (has been her whole life) was telling me how she is lucky because she can still use the rest of her body and has full mental capacity. I then got asked how i would feel if i lost my legs and had to be in a chair. At this point it really made me think about what i would actually feel and do. My answer was along the lines of something like still being able to use all the rest of my body functions.

Tech (Nerdy Bit)

Im currently using al capitan beta on my 2010 macbook (250GB SSD, 10GB Ram) Seems really good actually although there are some bugs that have required restarting. iPhone and iPad are also using iOS9 Beta which seems to be getting alot better 🙂

Whats Next,

Strictly come dancing at the end of the month. will be up in london for 3 days to build the set. then the second week in september im off to blackpool for a family holiday 🙂

Watch this space 🙂