This year has been a crazy year for me, in January i started an apprenticeship in Outdoor Leadership, With a company called PGL. I had a very intensive month of training in wales near the brecons and gained my BCU Level 1 Coaching Award , I then moved onto my second training course which was in Shropshire near shewsbury. That gave me the correct skills to become a Group Leader,  once i had completed that course i moved onto my placement. I was based in Herefordshire near a local town of Ross-On-Wye. I feel as if i have improved in many areas throughout my time with PGL from confidence to knowing more about the outdoor industry. Now that i am back i am working with Leonard Cheshire again doing Enabling and Care Work. I am glad to be back, i do miss being able to just pop down the road to symonds yat to climb or paddle. Although i dont see myself returning to PGL i do want to revisit the area with a few of my friends to climb the parts that i didnt get to explore. I am also working with another company now that specializes in Lighting and Entertainment, will have to watch this space about that though as im working on something behind the scenes. I’m all but ready for christmas and new years now, Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Years. i am planning on a Christmas and new years blog but i am still very busy at the moment so i have no idea if i will manage that. Laters all