Weeks 1-4

During the past 12 weeks i have been involved in Prince’s Trust which is a course recognised everywhere thoughout europe. The course lasts 12 weeks and during that 12 weeks you meet new people and broaden your understanding of diffrent aspects of life, Though the course you get some qualifications aswell, Ideal this makes you more employable :). On the second day of the course we were put though our emergency first aid at work certificate that enables us to be a qaulified first aider in and around a work place. You also gain a V50 or V-Inspired Certificate that gets you the recognition you deserve for the community based work that you did during your course. the ultimate goal of the course is to gain a City and Guilds in Personal Development. I personally believe you complete it for more than a C&G because thoughout my 12 weeks i’ve done things and organised activities that i would never of thought i could of or would of been given the opportunity to do. Prince’s Trust for me was not only one of the most auxilerating experiences 0f my life but a life changing one. During week two we went to dartmoor for an activity week that was extremly challenging and very positive in the way of the group as it had brought us closer as a team.

Weeks 5-6

Over my Two weeks Work Experience i decided to go to Calvert Trust Exmoor to get an idea of how people with a whole diffrent range of disabilities can do a whole variety of diffrent activities including Archery, Climbing, Canoeing, Horse Riding and Bushcraft type skills. Ollie (The Boss) was very pleased with my work and as a result has Offered me an apprenticeship to begin in the autum. To read more about my work experience Click Here

Weeks 7-9

During these few weeks we were involved in the community projects recognised by the V50 and the Prince’s Trust Completion certificate. Our first project was up at Exmoor Zoo working with the care takers to clear up the leaves in and around the road to make the location look better and preserve the wildlife, The second placement was within Combe Martin we were working with the local council to clear up the seafront area in combe martin by removing ivy and nettles, we then moved on to cleaning and polishing railing and benches along the carpark near Combe Martin Seafront. The last project we did was in Barnstaple, The location of this project was near the Forches Estate, Victoria House a Childrens Nursary in there we cleared weeds, nettles and anything harmful. we also had to dig over an old plot of soil ready for replanting.

Weeks 10-12

Last few weeks of Prince’s Trust, ok so really the last few days all we have really done is finish up any paperwork that needed to be done and make sure all of our evidence in the folders are organised and complete. we also went off to lets go in barnstaple to have a game of bowling and a few games of pool, we then had a burger king. we have now completed all the prepartion for the presentation and designed our team magazine. all of our paperwork is now up to date and the course is all completed, Our presentation went perfect lots of people showed up and we all got out awards, the course has been great and i’d like to thanks everyone that came along to see us.

Whist i’ve not been at Prince’s Trust i have been looking in to becoming a retained firefighter at the Combe Martin Fire Station , I managed to get hold of an application form and i’ve now completed and sent it back so fingers crossed i get asked to go in for an interview to keep the ball rolling.