Nas 4 Free is a free open source storage solution, the footprint of this operating system is so small that if you wanted you could actually run this whole system from a 1GB usb stick, If the computer you where going to use supported USB Boot. Ive been using one of these sstems for a few weeks now, not only can you mount any and all hard drives you can also set up iTunes Servers FTP, Samba and even a basic Webserver. You can configure everything from the built in WebGUI

Extra services:

  • UPnP server (FUPPES)
  • iTunes/DAAP server (Firefly)
  • Webserver (Lighttpd)
  • Network Bandwidth measure (IPERF)
  • BitTorrent client (Transmission)

For an extensive list of features Click Here I would highly recommend this, im running mine under a VPS on a home server as I have a number of other services running and needed a Windows environment to achieve it all.