During my week in Exmouth with NCS Southwest i was there assisting the Team Leader for the TTS Teams from Bideford and Barnstaple. On monday after we arrived and set up for the week in our scout tents we went for a walk on dartmoor totaling about 8 miles taking around 3 hours to complete, In the past ive done alot of walking including the Star Trek which i completed earlier this year and last year – the Star Trek is an 18 mile night hike over exmoor, The only experience i have had on Dartmoor prior to this was back in March when i was on my Princes Trust residential. On Tuesday we had Canoeing and Kayaking on the beautiful coast of Exmouth, I am a very keen kayaker ive been on the water for almost 4 years now so going down to exmouth was a good change of scenery. on Wednesday we had Bushcraft and Archery, again in past ive done alot of outdoor activities the bushcraft included building a shelter in the woods on dartmoor near an old fort, the landscape we had was just breath taking. The woods itself backed onto an army training ground and we ebeded up eating lunch with a group joging past us, in the afternoon we had gone back to camp where the archery was held, i found the archery fairly difficult this time because i had cut myself in the woods, still was a very enjoyable day and caught lots of sun. on Thursday our last full day we had Climbing in the morning which was very challenging i think the group really enjoyed it and we all had a go. In the afternoon we had Coastering, due to me forgetting to apply sun screen i ended up with sun stroke, so had to sit out but i would of loved to participate, from what i saw of coastering it looked extremly fun. On the last day after packing up our stuff we had to go down the Exmouth beach and had a big group competition that envolved kayaking, running, building sand castles and much more. between the entire camp our team won with a time of around 12 minutes TTS won the competition to complete it the fastest without breaking the eggs. NCS Southwest Week 1 residential was absolutly brilliant and i hope it is a course that carries on far into the future, I feel it is extremely beneficial to youths that are just out of college and are looking for something diffrent to do over their summer holidays. Peace out Y’All