Prince’s Trust Work Experience

Prince’s Trust Work Experience

Week 1

During my first week of work experience at Calvert Trust Exmoor, I had been assigned a particular group that I had to follow and assist throughout the week. The group had travelled here from guernsey, and had been split into to groups of 11. On Tuesday we had 3 activities to complete within the day, one in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. In the morning we had to go canoeing in the wind which at times were challenging but the group where very active and were very enthusiastic towards the task. In the afternoon we had a similarly challenging task which was archery, again the group were very enthusiastic and had a real sense of achievement and success, towards the end of the day we started the night line, the group loved every minute of it as we gave every person some kind of task or responsibility. After dinner the group had dispersed and I had started to get practice on the climbing wall by doing some bouldering along the wall. On Wednesday I started off at around 7:30 in the morning with a climb, we had to prep the climbing wall ready for the groups first task, The whole group really liked the climbing both inside and outside. Each group member then had a go on the rope swing from various different heights. Our final task for Thursday was a bush craft session we had an open lit fire and toasted popcorn, after lunch i prepared some certificates for my group and was then called away to assist Charlotte on an afternoon canoe session. On Friday i was teamed up with Charlotte for a day booking group our first activity was abit of abseiling and a zipwire, the group we had were very un interactive but still had a great day. on Saturday i was teamed up with Kate and a group from yovil, each member of the group had some degree of autism, our activities involved archery in the morning and abseiling zip wire and climbing in the afternoon. On Sunday we started the day by presenting a P.E.C.S board to the group to explain what they would be doing throughout the day, the activities in the morning began with a crate stacking exercise followed by a big swing. during the morning we were followed by a camera man as he is currently filming for a new promotional video. in the afternoon we me and Kate took 11 members of the group onto the lake for a canoeing session, although the wind was very high the group really enjoyed it and had a real good sense of achievement, once the group was off the water we gave out certificates to each member within the group. So in summary Week 1 was great Ive really enjoyed working with a large range of different people with all different disabilities.

Week 2

Week 2 was more of a challenge because we had a group from tourquay that had higher needs, on Monday i did some training with an instructor on the climbing wall todo with parapont harnesses. I had to get strapped into a parapont harness and use just my arms to climb up the climbing wall. On Tuesday i met my group and began the day with some archery, I helped the carers within the group do some archery by showing them how to hold the bow and helping them with the position of there body. in the afternoon with took the group onto a tyroleran (mini zip-wire) the rain came in very heavy about 40minutes into the activity so we had to dive into the sports hall and did some climbing with the group insteadof staying outside and doing abseiling. On Tuesday we started the day with some Horse Riding, not only did my group do Horse riding they did sensory type things like brushing the horses leading and taking a small horse over and obstacle course the group really enjoyed the whole experience thoughout the morning and had a great time , in the afternoon we did indoor swing and then head outdoors again for abseiling and zip-wire, the group loved getting envolved with the whole afternoon and i feel as if the whole group really came away with a real sence of achievement. Today i had a group change and worked with the second half of the School group so in the morning we did some horse riding and care and into the afternoon we did some abseiling and zip-wire activities, the group absolutly loved the whole experience and i think they are all looking foward to next year. As for me i will be doing some work experience with the school during the summer to widen my knowledge and understanding of disabilities and how they are dealt with.

My work experience has been absolutly amazing and i have been offered and opportunity of an apprenticeship to start in the autum time 🙂