What radio station do you tune into when your at home or driving in the car? Do you think we should have truly local radio? When was the last time you heard a news report that was closer than Exeter or Torquay? On the 5th of December the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications should be coming to a decision about the fate of North Devon’s local radio station The Voice FM and whether they get a broadcast license earlier this year they where granted a 28 day FM Broadcast license and throughout those 28 days The Voice brought truly local news, weather and announcements including the NCS Southwest program i was involved with back in June. North Devon deserves a local radio station and the only way we will get back a local Dedicated Radio station is if OFCOM decide to give The Voice FM a 6 year broadcast license which will mean they would be pumping local content out though digital and good old FM radio waves in the future. Peace Out Y’All