On the 26th of March it was announced that Chivenor search and rescue helicopters where to be discontinued because they where no longer to be run by the RAF. Instead it has been proposed that they are run by Bristow Helicopters which would mean that the closest helicopter would be based 50 miles away in St Athan, There isnt much information but from what i have found this should start happening between 2015-17. Do you want Chivenor to loose its Search and Rescue Helicopters? Coming from Chivenor to Anywhere isnt to much of a journey. Coming across the Bristol Channel will take another ten or 15 minutes, They need to keep the search and rescue helicopters in Devon where they are needed. Here are some news articles of when the Helicopter was called out Click Here(external link) would these be possible if the Search and Rescue operations where run from St Athan? What about the availability of the helicopter, and another thing to consider is the local knowledge that our pilots have, because if the Bistow Helicopters company are going to be running the Search and Rescue they would be having the RAF Pilots from Chivenor and the Range will also be reduced. Exmoor and Dartmoor are extremely dangerous, with reduced visibility how well will the pilots be able to navigate north devons moor’s with a lack of local knowledge? This cutback is playing with innocent lives. There was a total of 265 Calls for the Search and Rescue team at Chivenor last year. What do you think about loosing our Helicopter?