Just a quick one. Took my dogs for a quick walk up hangman at the weekend and something very strange happened. what I thought was going to be a normal hour long circuit changed slightly when my dog came across a toad. at first he jumped and I found it fairly funny, but then he went to grab it but only managed to catch it with his tongue. i thought nothing of it and carried on home but after a little while my dog put on a strange behaviour and started burring his head and going a little loopy. after a while i started getting fairly concerned. after reading up on the internet about a toad i found that in small doses the poison they produce from the skin can be a hallucinogenic. after washing his mouth out and giving him some milk to drink his heart rate reduced to normal and all was ok. it struck me as i take him on the same walk most days but just so happened he found a toad this time. anyways onwards and upwards, Laters Y’All.