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Another productive and busy week

Hey all, Just a quick insight to my week. I've been working a lot this week and haven't had much time to post on here, but this week i will be posting onto my Instagram account which will reach Twitter, Facebook and Flickr aswell as Tumblr. I have been working up at a local hol...

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Training and My New Job

Howdy Peeps, As you may know I've recently started my new job but before i can start working with the adults and people that ill be helping, I have to go though a large amount of training which is why i haven't been very active on here as my busy work schedule has been ve...

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Interesting New Job

So yesterday marked a milestone for me, I had an interview for community enabler at Westmead House run by Leonard Cheshire Disability. at the end of the interview i had a better idea as to what the job was actually going to entail. I cant wait to start now, Im just waiting for m...

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