A Few spec for you all the have a look at
  • Sound Output Mode:- Stereo
  • Response Bandwidth:- 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity:- 101.5 dB
  • Impedance:- 16 Ohm

If there’s one thing I really do enjoy its listening to music, I’ve always looked into my audio products before buying but with this pair all I simply did was look at the specs, for the price you can pick these up for you really are getting more than your moneys worth, I Have a great pair of Sennheiser HD 215’s but they just don’t sound as good as these. They have extremely high fidelity and enhanced bass. there are a few things that got on my nerves a little, On the box it says that they are tangle free, after about 10 minutes they were extremely tangled, the only other fault I can pick with these is that because it has a fabric type of cable on the wire when there isn’t any music playing you can hear the cable rubbing against your clothes. The Comply Ear Tips make there earphones extremely comfortable to wear as they almost feel weightless in my ears and they also block out a large amount of ambient sound. Although these are not a professional grade of audio equipment I would say great value for money. If you would like a pair of your own Click Here