Teamwork is one of the most important qualities you could every have, Not only can you be more productive as a team but you can rely on and support each other. When i did my Prince’s Trust Course. I met a who range of people in the space of a week and during the second week I found myself in a position where I just had to work as a team to complete the tasks that had be set for the week. Even today the things I learnt on that course has helped me develop myself and utilise my self more effectively in and out of work situations.

There is no I in team When working in a team it is very important that you work at the same pace as you can burn yourself out. If you see one of your team members falling behind whether it be with paperwork or if your on a mountain climbing to the summit. By supporting each other though the harder times not only with you become better acquainted you will gain the trust and respect of the people in your group.

Team Building One of the best ways to kick start a team is to get involved or take part in Team Building activities whilst i was on Prince’s Trust Residential trip we had lots of team building tasks. One of my favourite ones was a task that had two of our team tied together by one are and a leg and both of them blind folded. The remaining team members then had to help them navigate to an item collect it and return safely. We weren’t allowed to move with them or touch them we could only use our voices.