Cant believe how long its been again. My time is so precious at the moment and i really am living in the moment and working minute to minute.

in the last 6 weeks i’ve had delivery of a 2012 MacBook Pro i7 which i upgraded to 8GB of ram (soon to be 16GB) and a 525GB SSD (best purchase ever). I now have a series 1 apple watch and a iPhone 7 128GB in matte black. All of these working together with my iPad in perfect harmony is making my life alot easy and my production rate had quadrupled.

Me and my partner are going through the early stages of purchasing our first house (this is all i can say for now) My home network is running perfectly now i have a 3tb WD MyCloud for cold storage and Time Machine backups. An older generation server running a 120GB SSD (OS) with 2x2TB NAS Drives for redundant storage for Film’s which serves out through Plex. The rest of my family and a few close friends also have access to this and it runs perfectly. running windows server 2012 R2 soon to be 2016 when its released.

Only a short one today as ive not got alot to write about. I am trying to sort out an interactive online portfolio to showcase all of my forever increasing work so when that is done ill be launching it and for anyone who signs up ill be doing some special deals for new introductory web hosting and web design.