Howdy Peeps, As you may know I’ve recently started my new job but before i can start working with the adults and people that ill be helping, I have to go though a large amount of training which is why i haven’t been very active on here as my busy work schedule has been very hard to fit me time into. I had Induction Training last week which was more of an overview about the Training that is due to follow. Today i finish a two day course on “Personal Centred Thinking” this course was very much what it says on the tin. How to centre a plan based on a persons individual needs and wants. I used a few tools on myself and found them very helpful for example, a One Page Profile Which you can find Here if you would like to take a look. these are very easy to understand. highlighting points about me as a person without to much detail or information. How you can support, The kinds of things I like doing and what other people Admire about me. For more information about creating your own One Page Profile’s Click Here. Peace Out Peeps