Hey Guys,

I am going to start doing reviews again and i am starting with this, The TuffLead iPhone 5 charge/sync cable,

The order process was very easy no complications and had a confirmation of processed order very quickly. I had an email to tell me that it had been shipped and within 2 days I had it through the door. I received it on Wednesday last week the packaging was minimal and very eco-friendly. I have used it a lot already in the car and at home I would like to recommend the TuffLead to anyone as it is so durable and well-built. I have an original 8 pin cable from apple that is showing very bad signs of wear and I also have a fabric woven coated cable which i have used a lot but the fabric part of it is beginning to wear. If the TuffLead begins to show wear and tear I will let you know but for now I liking it a lot. One last thing, The TuffLead is a flat cable design and this means that although it looks stylish it also doesn’t tangle very easily.

To get your own please visit TuffLead.com they are currently stocking the older 24 pin leads for the older generation iPhone and iPad as well as the newer 8 pin.

*Let me know what you think of my review in the comments below and expect to see more soon 🙂