Evening all, just a quick update on things that im doing. Im currently undertaking a Young Achievers Award with the youth worker from ilfracombe, there are four stages of this award Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, I’ve just completed the Bronze award. The Young Achievers award has alot of requirements Bronze being the first one you have 4 Challenges to complete, for me i was involved with NCS Southwest, i also got NCS Southwest Barnstaple and Bideford onto The Voice FM for the third and fourth challenges i decided to highlight my work at Calvert Trust and my work for the RNLI, I will be posting more information about the other parts of the Young Achievers Award soon. I would like to thank all of my fantastic viewers as i have been keeping an eye on my site statistics for the past four weeks and have noticed a huge increase in the intrest and back links to my blog, My current all time views at the moment is 14,455. Today i received an application pack for the HM Coastguard in Ilfracombe so over the next few days i will be completing the pack and returning it to HM Coastguard Office in Ilfracombe. I would also like to get some recognition to some close friends of mine first of all Gomez he’s a good mate of mine and is new to the blogging world i recently helped him set up his blog. The second person i would like to get into the public eye comes all the way from Norway her name is Solfrid Waale she’s a singer/song writer and has just started producing some amazing songs for all to hear. Solfrid is on Spotify and will also be on iTunes within the next year, for more information about this amazing new singer please visit her new and improved website here. Peace Out Y’All