What do you do when the weekend comes along? I like to enjoy it a few weeks ago I went off to Cumbria to climb a few mountains. This weekend I went Kayaking in and around Ilfracombe, I’ve not been Kayaking for a while but Kayaking is like riding a bike and I soon found myself playing in the swell and white waters. Since I’ve been working a lot more I really have started to get out more at weekends as i use it as a release to gear myself up for the following week. At the moment with all the working i get to about mid week and think wow why am I making things so difficult… Weekends are ideal for lots of different reasons maybe you get drunk or just use it as a time to sit and watch TV, I get out and about to absorb natural views and the landscape of North Devon’s coast. What do you get upto? Lemme know. Laters All