Hey all, I was planning on having this post up a long time ago but with Christmas just out of the way I’ve been super busy at work. This year will indeed be a very interesting year for me as i am now part-time self-employed so that I can do web design and graphics a lot more as over the Christmas period I had an influx of clients. I have a few potential clients that will keep me nice and busy. I have a new involvement with a local company that is new and exciting  and for that I’m off to London on Tuesday. I’m also going to be more active in the public eye and local community, later on in the year I will be furthering my training in the outdoor industry as I will be taking my BCU/UKCC Level 2 Canoe/Kayak Coach and my 3 star sea kayaking and canoeing awards. I also need to climb more, since I got home I haven’t climbed at all ;( as for new years resolutions the only thing I’m going to do is exercise more than I already do 🙂 and in the summer ill be cycling to work 🙂 what are you guys setting as your resolutions? let me know. Peace out peeps