To somesone like me a technophobe, you pick up the new ipad and start finding differences straight away, Ive heard mixed opinions about it some people describing it as a waste of money whilst others raving on about it, I’ve noticed the performance rise and the higher resolution. the battery seems to last alot longer than the 2nd gen. There are smaller details like higher transfer rates now that there is a lightening port instead of the 30 pin connector.

The Retina display on iPad makes everything look crisp and lifelike. Text is razor sharp. Colours are vibrant. Photos and videos are rich with detail. All thanks to its 3.1 million pixels. It’s the best mobile display ever.

The new A6X chip inside iPad is up to twice as fast as the previous-generation A5X chip, and it delivers up to twice the graphics performance, without sacrificing battery life. Which means even the most advanced apps are smooth, responsive and incredibly lifelike.