Its been a while since ive had a chance to even look at my blog, My work/home life hasn’t really been very balanced the last few weeks. I’ve pretty much finished my training for Leonard Cheshire Disability now, So im hoping i can resume some normality back to my life. Last weekend i worked 46 and a half hours with minimal sleep go-between, this just didn’t do any good for me at all as I so ill for the following few days afterwards, All work no sleep. Burning the candles from both ends…. Iv’e currently got 3 jobs and although one of them is occasional hours and i haven’t got many hours their at the moment what will happen when i do get more hours, my body will start to feel the toll. as it already has once before, It is very important to have a good life balance making sure you get time to socialise, eat see your family aswell as doing your job, but when you have one or more jobs that balance becomes very unstable and you end up feeling tired all the time because your sleeping or working….