Whether you are in Europe, US, Russia or anywhere in the world. Teens being on the streets are a world wide problem, But why? We need to provide places for teens to go, a place to sleep, somewhere to get something to eat, or someone they can go and talk to and a place for them to just chill-out with each other. You may walk past a teenager in the street with some kind of prejudice but really you don’t know the half of it… maybe that person was kicked out, abused, ran-away from home or just couldnt cope in his home environment… You never know, but why should we stand by and let this go on? its not their fault maybe they have been miss-lead or brought up in the wrong environment, The youth of today will be like us in the future, We may need to give them some positive guidance but with the right help and a push in the right direction anyone and i mean ANYONE can and WILL achieve anything if they put there heart and mind to it. What are your thoughts on this matter? Leave a Comment below