Hey all,

this is just a general kind of update blog as I’ve been so busy and also trying to live my life a little as my work kinda got in the way.

A few weeks ago i finished the development of the Twitchen Holiday park, They have decided to have me up their periodically to help with the lighting and assisting where i can. Everything up there looks brilliant and everyone is very impressed with the finished result. Although it is early days i now have a girl in my life, I wont be disclosing information about her as i do try and keep certain aspects of my life private.

Last Saturday i had a car crash which resulted in me having to find a new car, I managed to find a replacement very quickly and am back on the road. The incident itself wasn’t my fault.

That’s pretty much it from me as i do have a few more busy weeks, Working here and there and just living life. I’ve finally regained control of my life and have started switching off when needed 🙂

Peace out

2014-03-29 21.08.20