I was watching a video made by Catrific on YouTube the other day about a “charity” called YouStars. Last year Kat went off to Poland with them and had an awesome time, she really enjoyed it and wanted to go again, When she was contacted this year she was all for going out there until Kat contacted the organisers from last years event to get some really dis-heartening bad news about the old organisers still paying the consequences for the trip, The way everything was supposed to be paid for was by sponsors, to start with they had to pay everything Flights, Car Service, Fuel, Accommodation everything. And then it was going to be paid back to them….  So on the assurance that they where going to be paid back they went ahead with it. on returning to the US there where no sponsors and they had thousands of dollars of debt. To help the cause Click Here to donate or click the video below and send your comments on.